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Car Cosmetics by Christophe Caroux, Professional and Expert in Detailing

At the origin of the range, the Liquid of Lustering is the benefits of 7 years or researches and application realized by Christophe Caroux, a passionated professional by the Automotive Detailing (renovation).


As he explains through each of his videos of demonstration, with the range he has created, he wishes to offer the best results with the following product characteristics :

  • multipurpose,
  • easy and quick to use,
  • efficient,
  • economic to use,
  • environmentally friendly.

The requirements of Christophe CAROUX concerning perfect results and technical process have allowed him to become a reference in the Automotive Detailing field by being consulting by professionals worldwide.


More than a detailer, Christophe CAROUX is an inventor.





3 divisions make up the range: